UBC Medicine Spring Gala

katie zhu

Katie was a pastry chef in her previous life and loves to bake all kinds of goodies. Her artistic endeavours are mainly in theatre, but she occasionally dabbles in fine arts and sculpture-making. Katie has been in the sky this year flying across Canada, but is very excited to be back home producing the quarter-century show! She hopes to make this the best show yet and wishes that you all enjoy it as much as she does!


linda zhang

Linda is excited to be a part of the Gala 2019 team as the Producer this year. She grew up in the prairies with a piano and a healthy appreciation for music. Now in her fourth year of medical school, she finds her creative output in baking, photography, and learning the guitar. She was blown away by the talent of her fellow classmates in UBC Medicine in her first year, and since then has been a part of the team to help put together each year’s show. She knows that this coming year will also bring many fantastic performances to look forward to and hopes you find them as enjoyable!

Laura Headshot.jpg

laura kim
Artistic director

Laura is a 4th year student and is excited to be back for another year of Gala. She cherishes every moment on the Chan Centre stage, and is excited to be back at it again this year! An Ontario native, Laura grew up in Waterloo with her four younger sisters, and completed her BSc in Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill before converting to the west coast life style in the VFMP. Laura is an avid Masterchef viewer, a novice level knitter, and will always be a ballerina at heart. 


maya rosenkrantz
artistic director

Maya is a third year student who is excited to be one of Gala 2019's Artistic Directors! She has been an enthusiastic Gala spectator and incredibly proud classmate for two years now, always in awe of the bright talents on the Chan Centre stage. Maya is an enthusiast of the theatre, dance, and everything music. Maya cannot wait to see the talents that emerge at Gala 2019, and hopes you enjoy the show!


Lauren Rietchel
artistic director

Lauren is very excited this year to be a part of the Gala committee as one of the Artistic Directors. She has a background in musical theatre and acting, so the show has been a blast to help organize. Thank you to all for coming out and supporting our amazing fellow students! Cheers to everyone and hope you all keep coming back year after year :)


christine liu
technical director

Christine is a 3rd year student and is excited to be back again this year as one of the Technical Directors for Spring Gala! In her off time, she loves to watch the Great British Bake Off, play ultimate frisbee, and dabble in home improvement/art projects. She's excited for what's to come and hopes you enjoy the show!

sorush (1).jpg

sorush rokui
technical director

Sorush is a second year medical student and is excited to be a part of something that celebrates all of what the UBC medicine community has to offer, after having been in the audience last year. Rumour on the street is that he’s also on the Bhangra team, but there’s only one way to find out if that’s true or not! Looking forward to a great Gala. 




PUBLICITY director

This is Kiran’s first year as part of the Gala team and she is beyond stoked to help organize the Spring Gala Quarter Quell (looking at all you Hunger Games fans out there). Kiran would have become an event planner if she hadn’t wasn’t so excited to intubate and resuscitate crashing patients. She loves to dance, work out, binge on Lord of the Rings, eat non-stop, and bake (and gossip) with her BFF Masterchef Katie Zhu. She hopes you will enjoy this year’s Gala as much as the team enjoyed organizing it!


nancy duan
publicity director

Nancy has a deep passion for the arts because of its ability to move and connect people. She enjoys doing any type of visual art (from traditional media to graphic design and digital art) and loves to read and write. Her favourite places in the world are art supplies stores and bookstores! She is a strong promoter of creative self-expression in the medical community and is very excited to be a part of the Spring Gala team this year. 


Panteha Eshtiaghi
publicity director

Although Panteha’s musical talents are restricted to singing off tune in her car to the chagrin of her friends, she is very excited to help put together this year’s Spring Gala. She has attended Gala for the past two years and is looking forward to a great night with friends and their families. Despite her lack of pitch, her promoting skills have helped her find a way to contribute to this annual event.



This is Amir's second year with the Spring Gala committee, and he's excited for what will be another amazing show! Amir was the official photographer for Spring Gala 2017, and has now transitioned into the role of finance director. In his spare time, he likes to dabble into piano and has been known to frequent coffee house events! With this year's amazing team, he is confident Spring Gala 2019 will be unforgettable experience.


linda yang
ART show liaison

Linda is excited to be back for her fourth year of Gala and her first year as a part of the Gala team. Though Linda generally prefers to enjoy art as a spectator, she occasionally indulges in dance and baking. Outside of the arts, Linda is an avid traveler, runner and brunch enthusiast. She cannot wait to see all the talent on display at Gala this year.