Joel Mohr: Producer

Joel is thrilled to be returning for a 4th (and hopefully) final round of Med Gala. He has been involved with many different aspects of Gala over the years and couldn't be happier to join in as a Producer this year. In his spare time, he enjoys writing music for film, antique car shopping, and quilting. When (if) he grows up, Joel hopes to be professional chocolate taster, National Geographic traveler, or waterslide tester. An aspiring Family and Emergency physician, Joel is extremely excited to see all the many talents and gifts displayed on the Chan Centre stage one more time.


michael van der Westhuizen : PRODUCER

This is Mike’s third year being involved with the Spring Gala and he couldn’t be more excited to be a producer for 2018. It’s always remarkable to see the incredible talent displayed by medical students and the diversity of performances. The ability of students to manage their time so they can keep up their artistic skills during the pace of medical school never ceases to amaze him. Mike hopes to become an Anesthetist and a goal of his is to create the ultimate playlist for the OR. With a very thorough UBC Med Gala team this year, he hopes that the team will be able to pack the Chan centre, and have everyone join together in celebrating the impressive artistic talents of UBC medical students.


LINDA ZHANG: Technical Director

Linda is excited to be a part of the Gala 2018 team as one of the Technical Directors this year. She grew up in the prairies with a piano and a healthy appreciation for music. Now she finds creative output in baking, photography, and learning the guitar. She was blown away by the talent of her fellow classmates in UBC Medicine from previous years, and knows that this coming year will also bring many fantastic performances to look forward to. She hopes you find them as enjoyable!


Katie Zhu: technical director

Katie is one of the technical directors this year. Katie was a pastry chef in her previous life and loves to bake all kinds of goodies. While she is terrified of breaking a bone or two, she still loves to snowboard and tries to make it up the mountain every winter. Katie's next goal is to learn how to play the drums, if you are offering lessons, send her a message!


christine liu: technical director

This is Christine's first year as one of the technical directors. Outside of medicine, Christine aspires to be a computer programmer and is interested in all technological innovations especially if they relate to medical care. She also loves to bake, and recently bought a blowtorch to make creme brulees and other goodies for friends and family. Christine's newest interest is to put on a great show at the Chan Centre. See you all there!


Danielle Murray - carms_headshot_portrait - HIGHRES-3.jpg

Danielle: art show liason

Danielle is the Art Show Liaison for Gala 2018. She is thrilled to be a part of this great team pulling off an incredible showcase of arts in medicine. She grew up in Abbotsford, and then studied in New Hampshire and Vancouver before starting medical school at UBC. She spends her time outside of medicine adventuring in the mountains, and seeks out opportunities to explore the arts whenever possible. She is honoured to help exhibit the inspiring off-stage artistic talents off her colleagues at Gala this year

Grace Lee - carms_headshot_portrait - SOCIAL MEDIA (original crop)3.jpg

Grace Lee: artistic director

Grace Grace is an Artistic Director for the Spring Gala 2018. She was previously the DVD Coordinator in 2015 and an Artistic Director 2016-2017. Born in Taiwan, she is now in her final year of medical school. She wishes she had more time to play the flute, take beautiful photos, and create things in Minecraft. She also relies on music to keep her awake while doing homework and resorts to inspiring movies to motivate her when she feels down. Grace is extremely excited to be part of the Spring Gala Committee again to help build a stage for amazing performers to showcase their stunning talents! 


LAURA KIM: Artistic director

LLaura is a 3rd year student and is excited to be back for another year of Gala. She cherishes every moment on the Chan Centre stage, and is excited to be back at it again this year! An Ontario native, Laura grew up in Waterloo with her four younger sisters, and completed her BSc in Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill before converting to the west coast life style in the VFMP. Laura is an avid Masterchef viewer, a novice level knitter, and will always be a ballerina at heart. 

Harjot Bedi - SOCIAL MEDIA (square).jpg

harjot bedi: artistic director

Harj is the Artistic Director for Gala 2018. She was previously the Finance Director last year. She is now in her final year of medical school, and is eagerly awaiting what the CaRMS match has in store for her. She loves dancing, running, lifting weights, and engaging in advocacy outside of school. She has been organizing the UBC Medicine Bhangra Dance performance for the past three years. In addition to the fun-tastic Bhangra performance, she is extremely excited to showcase extraordinarily talented medical schools for another year.

Audrea Chen - carms_headshot_portrait - SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg

Audrea chen: finance director

Audrea is the Financial Director for Gala this year, and is excited to be on the gala team for the first time in her final year of UBC med!  Homegrown here in BC, she brings to the table extensive experience as a reliable banker in Monopoly. As an avid Gala fan, a previous Hip Hop and Bhangra team member, and an overall arts enthusiast - she is excited to see all the amazing talent on stage this year!

Phoebe Cheng gala photo.jpg

Phoebe Cheng: Senior Publicity director

Phoebe is the Senior Publicity Director in the 2018 UBC Med Spring Gala. She has been involved in the gala since first year, and besides working with the production committee in the past few years, has also been a performer, poster designer, and contributor to the art show. Currently in fourth year (time flies!), she is excited to present another talent-filled show with the team at the Chan Centre. 

Monique Marguerie - carms_headshot_portrait - SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg

Monique marguerie: Publicity director

Monique is very excited to be involved in this exciting showcase of talent in medicine. She grew up in small-town Dunnville Ontario, and lived in Ottawa for 7 years prior to medical school. She loves outdoor activities like snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and kayaking. Monique performed in Bhangra in Gala in her first year of medical and feels very privileged to be involved again in her final year at UBC. See you all there!


maya rosenkrantz: publicity director

Maya is a second year student who is excited to be part of the Gala Publicity Team for the first time. Last year, she was an enthusiastic Gala spectator and incredibly proud classmate, in awe of the bright talents on the Chan Centre stage. Maya is an enthusiast of the theatre, dance, and everything music. She has loved exploring a diverse music library ever since her first Discman, when her favourite CDs were the Queen discography. She has since outgrown the Discman (and Queen, somewhat) and cannot spend a day without listening to her Spotify. Maya cannot wait to see the talents that emerge at Gala 2018! 




Vionarica gusti: webmaster

Viona is excited to join the Gala team as a webmaster. She witnessed first hand the amazing talents and performances of our classmates as a stage volunteer in 2017. Now in her second year of medical school, she is ready to participate in the production of the glorious Spring Gala 2018. Originally from Indonesia, she enjoys cultural richness of diverse culinary experience from around the world. 

Elise Van Brummen - carms_headshot_portrait - SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg

Elise Van Brummelen: Webmaster

Elise is in her fourth year of med school and her fourth year of performing at the Gala, but her first year as a part of the organizing committee! She is super excited to get to give back to the production as a webmaster this year. In her spare time, she loves exploring Vancouver, travelling the world with people she loves, jamming with friends and writing the occasional song. She is always amazed at the amount of talent found in her colleagues, and she can’t wait to see what the Gala performers bring to the stage this year!