Leanne CHew: Producer

Leanne is a Producer for Gala 2017 and was a previous Technical Director for two years. She hopes to be a family doctor in a smaller rural setting. While her talents are unfortunately limited to singing in the shower and playing bass guitar and the ukulele in empty rooms, she looks forward to all of the talented acts in this year's show and seeing a full house at the Chan Center!

Shahriar Seddigh: PRODUCER

Through the rainy Vancouver days and the sleepless call nights, Annual Spring Gala is a highlight of arts in medicine that Shahr looks forward to every year. In the beautiful Chan Center, we get the chance to meet friends across all program sites and enjoy a riveting performance from our colleagues. 

It is a massive student undertaking that expands beyond the excitement du jour and it is as involved backstage as it is on stage. Shahr has been involved in Gala for multiple years. He is very excited to be the producer this year. With an amazing crew and an outstanding synergy, he hopes to replicate and improve the performing standards that Gala has become known for. 

His background is in Physiology, currently in his graduating year from the UBC MD program, hoping for a residency in Orthopedics and he can't wait to see the incredible talents that await us this year. 


LINDA ZHANG: Art show liaison

Linda is the Art Show Liaison for Gala 2017. She is excited to be a part of this year’s showcase of amazing and awe-inspiring talent. Born in Alberta and raised with a healthy appreciation for music and the arts as a classically trained pianist, she now finds her creative output in baking and graphic design. If she had the power to do so, she would build a lightweight, portable grand piano to carry around with her. She was blown away last year by the performances and artwork on display and is excited to see what this year’s show will offer!

PHOEBE CHENG: Publicity director

Phoebe is one of the publicity directors for UBC Spring Gala 2017. Her involvement with the gala began all the way in first year, when her submission into the annual poster contest was chosen as the official event poster for the show. Now in her third year of medical school and third year being involved in its production, the Spring Gala is still one of the most anticipated events on her calendar. Whether on stage or in the audience, it’s a special night to set aside white coats, stethoscopes, and heavy backpacks to celebrate the arts in all its many different, beautiful forms. She's excited to put on another fun, memorable and talent-filled show this year with the team, featuring musicians, dancers, artists, and more!. 

ANA GOMEZ: publicity director


Ana is a fourth year student and the Senior Publicity Director for the 2017 Gala, and has been part of the publicity team for the last three years. She aspires to be a full-service family doctor somewhere where she can have a big yard for her future big dog, Weimer. You may spot her in one of this year's performances, or catch her at the After Party she will be organizing (as part of her job). 

AMIR SIDDIQUI: photographer

Amir is the official Photographer for Gala 2017. Other than shooting some events here and there, he likes to hone his skills by photographing Vancouver’s sights and sounds (surprisingly difficult to photograph sound). When he grows up he wants to be a doctor and do doctor type stuff, but in the meantime he enjoys laying down some sick beats on the piano and jamming with his classmates. Given his lack of talent, he is excited to see some real performers exhibit their talents at this year’s gala!

Grace Lee: artistic director

Grace is an Artistic Director for Gala 2017. She was previously the DVD Coordinator in 2015 and an Artistic Director as well last year. Born in Taiwan, she is now in her third year of medical school, and she wishes she had more time to play the flute, take beautiful photos, make videos, and create new designs for her favourite League of Legends characters. She also relies on music to keep her awake while doing homework and resorts to inspiring movies to motivate her when she feels down. Grace is extremely excited to be part of the Spring Gala Committee to help build a stage for amazing performers to showcase their stunning talents! 

LAURA KIM: Artistic director

Laura is a 2nd year student and is excited to be back for another year of Gala. She cherishes every moment on the Chan Centre stage, and is excited to be back at it again this year! An Ontario native, Laura grew up in Waterloo with her four younger sisters, and completed her BSc in Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill before converting to the west coast life style in the VFMP. Laura is an avid Masterchef viewer, a novice level knitter, and will always be a ballerina at heart. 

Joel Mohr: artistic director

Joel is excited to be back for his 3rd tour of gala duty, this time as one of the Artistic Directors.  In his spare time, he is an avid board game enthusiast, football fan, and peanut butter and jam fanatic.  Joel hopes to be an astronaut or a Lego test builder when he grows up.  Currently in his third year of school and enjoying all that life has to offer, he's excited to watch another outstanding group of performers showcase their talents once more.

Harjot Bedi: finance director

Harj is the Finance Director for Gala 2017. She loves dancing, long runs, lifting and being in the OR. She had a fabulous time organizing and dancing in the Bhangra performances for the past 2 years and can't wait to make this year's Gala a blast! 

Katie Zhu: technical director

Katie is one of the technical directors this year. Katie was a pastry chef in her previous life and loves to bake all kinds of goodies. While she is terrified of breaking a bone or two, she still loves to snowboard and tries to make it up the mountain every winter. Katie's next goal is to learn how to play the drums, if you are offering lessons, send her a message!

Michael van der Westhuizen: technical director/webmaster

Michael van der Westhuizen's name took up most of the page and most of his time on written exams. This is his 2nd year being called into the ranks of the Spring Gala executive committee as Technical Director and Webmaster.  If you think this website is sub-par, he's the man to blame.  Music has always been a part of Michael's life; legend has it he came out of the womb whistling Mozart's Requiem.  It is always humbling and jaw-dropping to watch the remarkable talent that comes out of the woodworks each year at Spring Gala. He is beyond excited to see this year's performers shine like never before.  

Donna: DVD Sales Coordinator

Donna is the DVD sales coordinator for Gala 2017. This is her first year being on the gala team, but she is determined to make the DVD sales as smooth as possible. Originally from Toronto, she is enjoying the west coast life. She looks forward to an amazing show being captured on video this year!